Fortnightly update 7: 02.03.2020 to 15.03.2020

In this fortnightly blog post series, I share with you my progress as a writer. I’ll throw each post up on both Facebook and LinkedIn on Sundays or Mondays, though if anything dinosaur-huge happens, I may still make separate posts about it; these fortnightly posts are more about my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs.

The Front

I write scripts for the popular YouTube channel The Front, and this fortnight, we reached 100,000 subscribers! We’re now one-tenth of the way to our ultimate goal 😉

We also uploaded two videos this fortnight. In the first, we jumped forward a little way in time to discuss the history of space forces. Pew pew!

And our second video was all about Britain’s answer to the Nazi SS and Gestapo.

I also worked with some graphic designers to put together two posts to both The Front History Facebook page and The Front History Instagram account.

The first week’s posts were about paranormal activity in the Vietnam War.

The second week’s posts were about Spam and Vegemite in World War II, haha, though we’re a little behind on actually posting on Instagram, and we blame COVID-19 for this.


I write scripts for Geetsly’s, the popular Star Wars YouTube channel. Here’s the first video made using one of my scripts!

Oh, yeah, and as part of my “research” for the channel, I finished my first playthrough of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which I played on Android (it was originally released in 2003!). What a game. I played a space scoundrel named Coffee who refused to use a lightsaber.



This fortnight, I posted two fiction_shots pieces on both Instagram and Twitter.

I love this first one, and it was a single sentence too. [Twitter #vss365 word #seagull]

Hoppy the one-legged seagull swallowed two potato chips and half a crab stick and then fluttered onto the tin roof to cackle at his pea-brained compatriots and stretch out both his legs.

The second was about what it’s like to write. [Twitter #vss365 word #insurmountable]

To write his great work — an insurmountable task. He cursed his pen and tore pages till but one remained, writing on it the only word he knew, “insurmountable,” and realising it was just that. The next word he wrote quicker, and quicker still the next word after that.


Well, this fortnight was pretty standard. The first week was pretty scattered following my weekend getaway to the Great Ocean Road, but the second was so very smooth, and I had plenty of time to read some books, watch Castlevania (which is epic, by the way), and play some games. It’s nice to enjoy other people’s work sometimes.

Thanks for reading!