Here you can learn about all the weird stuff I create for fun.

» Short fiction

I’m currently writing flash fiction and short stories for submission to various publications. Here’s what I’ve achieved so far:

Army of the Bear — short story forthcoming in the anthology Their Ghoulish Reputation by Dark Lake Publishing LLP (accepted 23.05.2022)
A Necromancer Need Not Be Evil — short story in Issue 8 of Etherea Magazine (accepted 10.02.2022)
Made of You — flash fiction forthcoming with PseudoPod (accepted 21.12.2021)
Brain Slug — flash fiction in Issue 276 of AntipodeanSF (accepted 25.06.2021)
Widow of the River — flash fiction with Crow & Cross Keys (accepted 06.06.2021)
Goblins — first place in the Hunger Flash Contest by The Arcanist (announced 01.06.2021)
Children of Ibbdgalgar — short story in Issue 16 of Novel Noctule (accepted 27.04.2021)
Crocodile — short story in Issue 4 of Frost Zone Zine (accepted 23.04.2021)
Embryo — short story in the anthology Anomalies & Curiosities by Quill & Crow Publishing House (accepted 08.04.2021)
Not My Wife — flash fiction in The Crypt by Ghost Orchid Press (accepted 07.04.2021)
Human Suit — flash fiction in Issue 271 of AntipodeanSF (accepted 27.12.2020)
Demon Love — flash fiction in the anthology Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony by Black Hare Press (accepted 01.12.2020)
Getting to Know You — flash fiction in the anthology Dark Drabbles – 666 by Black Hare Press (accepted 17.11.2020)

I’ve also been reading for Etherea Magazine as of the 27th of April 2022.

» Spinning Yarns with Nick & Paddy

Spinning Yarns with Nick & Paddy is a podcast about storytelling in all its forms. Created by and starring Nick Petrou & Patrick McCarthy, this podcast follows two friends from Perth, Western Australia, as they immerse themselves in the world of the written word whilst attempting to be as entertaining and as smartass as possible. You can listen to our bullshit on Spotify, YouTube, and Podbean.

» Turje: A Ghost Town (published 19.01.2022)

I co-wrote my grandad’s memoir with him. It’s about his childhood in Macedonia during the Greek Civil War, and his immigration to Australia. Putting this together was, at times, difficult, yet also rewarding. I’d definitely work in the biography space again. You can read it for free via the PDF below, or pick it up for cheap on Kindle.

If you’re interested in contracting me to write your memoir, something like Turje: A Ghost Town costs between $9,000 and $11,000. This includes five full-day interviews, about 7,000 words of writing, two rounds of revisions, proofreading, formatting for Kindle Direct Publishing, printing and shipping, and a custom cover.

» The Oracle of Aegis Isle (released 11.06.2020)


The Oracle of Aegis Isle is a setting-neutral adventure for 5th Edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS that encourages social roleplay on a small but lively island. While the characters can have a whole lot of fun just by participating in competitions and otherwise enjoying the festivities of the Oracle Games, a conspiracy unfolds beneath the surface, ancient secrets and strange treasures await discovery, and the monsters guarding them await their next good meal. The Oracle of Aegis Isle is perfect for 2nd to 4th level parties in need of a holiday (a break from their main campaign)! You can get The Oracle of Aegis Isle for free here.

» Murderhobos Must Die (released 18.08.2020)

PDF cover and map

Murderhobos Must Die is a one-shot tabletop RPG adventure for commonfolk who are sick of the adventurers’ shit. The players play as pre-existing villagers trying to kill the adventurers or, more accurately, murderhobos occupying their village. You can get Murderhobos Must Die for free here.

» Fein’s Deluge (released 14.09.2019)

Fein’s Deluge is an open map work of interactive fiction set in a wretched forest village. Click here to play it for free in your browser at You can review Fein’s Deluge on its page or Interactive Fiction Database page.

» in the living room (released 13.10.2019)

in the living room is an open map work of interactive fiction. Click here to play it for free in your browser at You can review in the living room on its page or Interactive Fiction Database page.

the living room is off, physically, as if everything has taken a small step to the left or perhaps God has nudged me off of my axis

» Raid on the Silver City (closed 12.09.2019)

Raid on the Silver City was a MASSIVE work of choice-based interactive fiction, drafted, but nowhere near complete. I decided to put it in the bottom drawer. It’s hard to say if I’ll return to it.