Fortnightly update 10: 13.04.2020 to 26.04.2020

In this blog series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs, and failures, as a writer. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Oracle of Aegis Isle (formerly Project Bronze)

Probably my biggest achievement in a while, the secret D&D project I’ve been chipping away at for almost a year is no longer a secret! It’s called the Oracle of Aegis Isle, and I’m presently playtesting my first draft of this 5th Edition adventure and getting the thing illustrated. If you play D&D and are interested in giving it a playtest or at least a read, please let me know 😉

More to come on this soon, including some wonderful art.


I write scripts for the popular Star Wars YouTube channel Geetsly’s.

Two more videos went up this fortnight. The first was about defective clone troopers.

And the second was about the glorified lampshades known as the Senate Guard.

The Front

I write scripts for the popular World War II YouTube channel The Front.

We uploaded two videos this fortnight. The first was about Portugal in World War II, a neutral nation whose contributions don’t get nearly enough attention.

And the second was about the diseases soldiers suffered in the Second World War, inspired just a little by the current pandemic.

#vss365 (formerly fiction_shots)

I decided to discontinue fiction_shots on Instagram and continue writing 250-character stories on Twitter under my own name. If you like my stories, I’ll be posting them just as frequently, if not more frequently, there, but I’ll also be copying them into these blog posts, under the #vss365 word prompt for each day. I wrote two this fortnight.

#shelter (This one reached 40 likes, the most I’ve ever got!)

The old seaman clutched his squid-head pendant and pointed to the swell bulging black and huge between two freighters in the bay. “Ain’t no shelter from this storm what’s coming.”

“Storm?” said I, studying the cloudless sky.

“Yup. He’s done waiting. Done dreaming.”

#oddity (I tried my hand a bit of poetry here!)

If an oddity it truly be
That spider of the midnight sea
That strobing fish with eyes of three
That swimming, scuttling giant flea
Then can I only ask, no, plea
That I shan’t ever live to see
What lurks below a different sea
On moons and planets far from me


The Oracle of Aegis Isle dominated my fortnight, but I still ticked off every other item on my to-do list and even found the time to revive two other secret projects, haha. One of them is made for kids, and you wouldn’t want your kids going anywhere near the other one. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Thanks for reading <3