Fortnightly update 12: 11.05.2020 to 24.05.2020

In this blog series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs, and failures, as a writer. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Oracle of Aegis Isle

My custom 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure The Oracle of Aegis Isle copped some serious feedback and, in turn, serious updates this fortnight, but all the art except for the cover art is now finished, and the document is a whopping 35-pager now! It’s no longer the one-shot I set out to make but a fully-fledged adventure, and I’m happy with how it has evolved. Again, if you like D&D and you’re wanting to run my adventure with your group, please let me know! The group I’m playtesting it with right now, with myself as DM, seem to be enjoyed it, and it plays real well with those who get around social RP.

The featured image of this post is a screenshot of the top of the cover page of the adventure; the cover illustration, created by Roderick Fernades solely for use in The Oracle of Aegis Isle, is a work in progress, but both Rod and I are eager to share the finished cover with you soon!

Much more information to come soon, hopefully by next month!

The Front

I write scripts for the popular World War II YouTube channel The Front. We uploaded two videos this fortnight. You’ll wanna watch this first one with a taco in hand.

The second is travelling pretty well in terms of views, and it’s about some of the worst jobs military personnel could be assigned or volunteer for in World War II. My six-odd months at Spud Shed don’t seem quite so bad now!


I write scripts for the popular Star Wars YouTube channel Geetsly’s. One video which I wrote the script for went up this fortnight. A little experimental, this one…


I write 250-character “stories” using the #vss365 word prompts on Twitter under my own name. I wrote two this week!


From village to village the two rogues roamed, spilling through windows like shadow and swiping hard-earned coin. In the day, they huddled by low flames and clutched a locket which wore their mother’s face, knowing each night to come was one closer to having her back.

#bee (I Tweeted this months ago, but I like it, and #bee was the #vss365 word that day!)

I once saved a bee from drowning in my pool only to walk past the pool an hour later and get stung by that very same bee.


If it isn’t clear, The Oracle of Aegis Isle ate up my fortnight, and while most of the rest of my fortnight was fairly mundane, I also submitted a very special story, co-authored by my partner, Sarah, to a bunch of people who like to distribute colourful books. That’s all I’ll say on it for now, but trust me, you’ll know if a fish takes this particular line. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that; you know who you are 😉

And thanks for reading <3