Fortnightly update 19: 17.08.2020 to 30.08.2020

In this blog series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs (and failures) as a writer. Despite all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Murderhobos Must die

I won’t say too much here, as I covered it in detail in a previous post, but I published my second tabletop RPG adventure this fortnight — Murderhobos Must Die. Be sure to check it out, if you’re into that sort of thing.

PDF cover and map

The Front

I write scripts for the popular World War II YouTube channel The Front. We uploaded four videos this fortnight, as we’ve hired a second writer and a second video, and we’re taking things up a notch!






I write 250-character “stories” using various word prompt hashtags on Twitter, under my own name. This fortnightly update heading used to be “#vss365,” as I just wrote pieces under that hashtag on Twitter. Now, I’m branching out to other writing prompt hashtags, such as #FlexVSS and #BraveWrite, so just “Twitter” makes more sense.


No one else seems able to see the yellow-vested man reflected in the window opposite me on my daily commute. But I’d wager what they do or do not see are the least of his concerns.


Billy clawed through the lost property which had sat with the school for decades and never been claimed. He pocketed greasy coins, thumbed the edge of a mouldy pocket knife, and then freed a book bound in pale leather, titled “The Necronomicon,” and smiled.


The threat she posed to the world was existential. One illogical move by a logical character, one intrusive dialogue tag, one too many adverbs, and the illusion was done. She would shut the world and wake, and the moths would eat its bones in a box in her garage.


His little hand wriggled out my grasp, and he looked right, left, and right again, before crossing the road alone, yellow gumboots in the snow. After what seemed like just days later, he was holding little hands of his own.


This fortnight was a messy one — especially with the release of Murderhobos Must Die — but I pushed it out like a kidney stone, and I’m happy with the results. I also learnt a bit about link images/social cards — in fact, they’re what caused me the most grief this fortnight — so expect better-scaled link images on my social media links from now on. Here, on WordPress, the featured image dimensions are stupid, and there’s little I can do, I think.

Other than all that crap, I’m going to advertise Murderhobos Must Die and wrap up a few other little things this coming fortnight, and then I’m going HAM on flash fiction and short story submissions! I think it’s time to have a break from creating tabletop RPG content. While I’m happy with everything I’ve made, I miss just being able to focus on pure writing, instead of prose mixed with game mechanics and such.

Thanks for reading <3