Fortnightly update 48: 27.09.2021 to 10.10.2021

In this blog series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs (and failures) as a writer. Despite all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Short fiction

I’m currently submitting short fiction, mostly flash fiction and short stories, to online magazines and such for publication. I was super productive this fortnight, chipping away at my novella and drafting two new short stories about Australian cryptids, like the dreaded bunyip. Three rejection emails came in, but I sent those stories right back out. I also retired one story from the submission game because, frankly, it blows. This coming fortnight, I’m gonna polish those two new drafts and fire them off, weird as they are.

Here are this fortnight’s stats:

Submissions: 3
Pending: 7
Rejections: 3
Acceptances: 0
Rejections 2021 (from June 8th): 13

Frontier Media

I write scripts for Frontier Media, a media production company specialising in YouTube. Our two largest channels are The Front and Geetsly’s, and while I’ve written a little for Geetsly’s in the past, I mostly write for The Front and our new, smaller channel The Braved. Four of my videos went live this fortnight, one about the pirate who mentored Blackbeard. Yarrr!

And here are my total stats:

Videos for The Front: 106
Videos for The Braved: 37


I write 280-character stories and poems using various writing prompt hashtags, mostly #vss365, on Twitter. I wrote just two this fortnight. I’m finding it a little hard to stay motivated with Twitter. I’m not sure why. I think I’ll force myself to get back into it because vss stories often make great writing prompts for longer pieces, and I definitely a little idea-starved.


Lost, I followed the rivulet and soon found myself back where I’d started. It had no end, and no source but itself. A paradox. That was the first hint that I’d stumbled into a trap — an accursed self-perpetuating world, suspended God knows where, and for God knows what.


They looked like dandelions, but Alec knew better. A field of yellow-topped stalks spread out before him, wide as Australia but on an entirely new world. No, they weren’t flowers. These were the locals, the first sentient race encountered by man. Alec had work to do.


Overall, this fortnight was one of my most productive this year, so much so that I was able to enjoy a guilt-free weekend. I’m slowly learning to switch off and not feel guilty for doing things other than writing, but man, it’s a long learning curve.

Thanks for reading <3