Fortnightly update 58: 14.02.2022 to 27.02.2022

In this series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs (and failures) as a writer. Despite all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Short fiction

Since my last fortnightly update, I’ve been testing out a new daily routine, in which I work on my fiction from 6 AM to 8 AM each weekday and spend the rest of my workday hours on client work. Overall, I think the quality of my fiction is improving, and I’m generally happier. Still, I’ve been chipping away at two longer pieces of fiction, and this is getting in the way of my shorter stuff; hence why my submission stats haven’t been so good this year. Once these two are out of the way, I’m going to force myself to work on some flash fiction and get some more work out into the world. That’s the plan, anyway!

Here are this fortnight’s stats:

Submissions: 1
Pending: 6
Rejections: 0
Acceptances: 0
Rejections 2022: 2

Spinning Yarns

My mate Patrick and I recently released our podcast Spinning Yarns with Nick & Paddy, which is about storytelling in all its forms. Episode 5 “Life & Life Only” went up this fortnight. I think it’s our best yet. You should definitely check out my story in this episode, one called Mongrel, but only if you can handle creepy dog stories.


Frontier Media

I write scripts for Frontier Media, a media production company specialising in YouTube. Our two largest channels are The Front and Geetsly’s, and while I’ve written a little for Geetsly’s in the past, I mostly write for The Front and our new, smaller channel The Braved. Just two of my videos went up this fortnight. The Loring video is interesting because it’s the first that Paddy (from Spinning Yarns) narrated for the channel. I think he did a pretty good job!

And here are my total stats:

Videos for The Front: 120
Videos for The Braved: 56


I’ve also been trying (and kind of struggling) to get back into #vss365 on Twitter. As I used to do, I’m going to start sharing my tiny stories here again.


Nailed to a wooden T in the basement of the Black Goat sorority house, I wish I’d read the signs. The name for one; the devilish cackling for another. I just thought the girls were having a good time and wanted to get in on that. All is obvious in retrospect, I suppose.


This fortnight was all about implementing and testing new systems and getting some paid work done. I’m trying to set myself up as well as I can, creating new documents and templates and such, as I’m expecting 2022 to be a big year for me, both for my client work (as a freelance copywriter) and for my more creative stuff.

Thanks for reading <3