Fortnightly update 59: 28.02.2022 to 13.03.2022

In this series, I share my fortnight-to-fortnight triumphs (and failures) as a writer. Despite all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Short fiction

I’m currently submitting short fiction, mostly flash fiction and short stories, to online magazines and such for publication. I scored four lovely rejections this fortnight and pulled one of those stories from my submission rotation because I think it could be a lot stronger with some minor-ish edits. I also pulled another story because I wanted to put it on my podcast, so now I’ve got just four pending stories, which feels thin indeed.

I’ve also been chipping away at a 10k-word fantasy story for the past few weeks and should have that drafted in the next day or two. After that, I’m going to dedicate myself to flash fiction again because shorter stories often take less time than longer ones (though honestly, not always), and I want to pump those submission stats.

Here are this fortnight’s stats:

Submissions: 3
Pending: 4
Rejections: 4
Acceptances: 0
Rejections 2022: 6

Spinning Yarns

My mate Patrick and I recently released our podcast Spinning Yarns with Nick & Paddy, which is about storytelling in all its forms. Episode 6 “Durries & Cowboys” went up this fortnight. We read my apocalypse story “Anything but the Light,” a poem about tripping at a festival, written by Paddy, and an essay about Westerns. Enjoy!



Overall, I’ve started to put more of an emphasis on my copywriting than my fiction and such in the past few weeks. One part of my process that was lacking was my documentation. This fortnight, I built some templates to formalise my process and my business. I also did a bunch of research into the psychology behind copywriting, and I’m finding a lot of enjoyment in it. In about a month, I’ll be ready to take on new clients, and I honestly can’t wait for that.

Copywriting: Frontier Media

I write scripts for Frontier Media, a media production company specialising in YouTube. Our two largest channels are The Front and Geetsly’s, and while I’ve written a little for Geetsly’s in the past, I mostly write for The Front and our new, smaller channel The Braved. Four of my videos went up this fortnight. I’m learning a lot about the many conflicts of Korea, which is… nice?

And here are my total stats:

Videos for The Front: 122
Videos for The Braved: 58


This fortnight was pretty steady. I’ve got some fairly clear goals lined up and am working towards them, building routines and habits as I go. All the small steps will, I am sure, add up to something huge in the not-so-distant future.

Thanks for reading <3