Fortnightly update 79

19.12.2022 to 01.01.2023

My journey as a copywriter and fiction writer.

This fortnight was a blur. I got a bit of work done in the first week, but end-of-year celebrations ate up the entire second week, as they did for many of us.


Mostly, I polished my interactive fiction piece Heart of Maddock this fortnight. I plan on finishing it this coming week and then submitting it to Voidspace. It was, overall, a fun little side project (especially after the toil that was The Menticider), and I should be able to share it with you soon.

I also took my pulpy horror story Ciggie Zombie out of the bottom drawer and started rewriting it in a more appropriate voice, leaning into the silliness a little more. I hope to have that drafted by mid-January.

Anyway, here are this fortnight’s stats:

Pending: 4
Submissions: 0
Rejections: 0

Withdrawn: 1
Acceptances: 0


In terms of my copywriting, I mostly worked on my templates this fortnight. I’m transferring everything to Google Docs because I’m basically a boomer and hate that MS Word is now subscription-based.

I also wrote a couple of scripts for Frontier Media, and one of my older scripts went up on YouTube. Here she is:


Other than drinking and eating, I actually allowed myself to enjoy some guilt-free gaming for the first time in years. I played this DOOM-inspired FPS called DUSK, which was amazing, and I booted up OG DOOM as well. Almost 30 years later and the game is still an absolute blast. It defined my childhood and it defines me now.

Some excellent games of Magic: The Gathering were played as well. Lol, my parents even bought me a box of cards for Christmas. I haven’t changed a bit.

Anyway, happy new year, and thanks for reading 🖤

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