Fortnightly update 88

24.04.2023 to 07.05.2023

My journey as a copywriter and fiction writer.

This fortnight, I finished up a big copywriting project, performed a story at Clancy’s, “published” a story, and celebrated my 30th yet again.

The big copywriting project

In my past few posts, I’ve mentioned a big copywriting project I’m helping Aligned Agency with.

Last week, I submitted my final copy deck, which ended up at about 80 pages. I’m so proud of this one. I honestly think it’s my best work to date, and I’ll be able to share the finished product very soon.

For now, I just wanted to give a shout-out to Jas and Hursh for being so easy to work with, and for all their kind words. Here are some of them:

Demon Love

On the last Thursday of every month, Clancy’s Freo puts on an event called Once Upon a Time in Fremantle. It’s a night of poetry, stories, and music, and if you have yet to check it out, and live in Perth, get your ass down there.

I’ve performed four of my stories so far, usually getting up on stage every second month. This month, I read one of my oldest stories, and my first published story, “Demon Love.” I think it was my best performance yet.

I still can’t believe I’m doing this on the reg. The idea of it used to terrify me. But I must say, it has done absolute wonders for my confidence, and after a couple of pints, getting up there in front of everyone is genuinely fun.


Strangely, I actually did a lot in relation to my fiction this fortnight, despite my previous two posts talking about how I’ve very much put all things fiction in the bottom drawer.

As of now, the WA Tree Festival is still happening. For a writers’ group project, I put together a flash fiction story (~750 words) and Joel, the group’s facilitator, has been handing it out to people at the festival. The story had to have something to do with trees, and that’s it. This is what I came up with:

My 30th… again

Considering I went away with the boys to celebrate my birthday early, and considering I celebrated it again at the very end of April, it doesn’t just feel like I have been blowing out candles for two months; I have been blowing out candles for two months.

But I must say, getting both sides of the family together on the 29th for a massively Macedonian jamboree was phenomenal. It was one of those nights where everything comes together in a way that makes you believe in magic.

We danced on the table. We danced in a circle to traditional Maco music. We really raised the fucking roof, grandmas and all. And earlier in the day, my dad and I went fishing and he bagged a 550mm King George whiting, so of course, the fish had to join us for the family photo.

Thanks, fam. I love you.


On top of the fiction-related stuff I mentioned, I also spent a fair bit of time editing and submitting old stories and reading for Etherea Magazine. I think the plan is to keep my toes in the water. Maybe 95% of my writing energy goes into copy, while the other 5% can go into fiction. That seems sustainable to me.

As for future copywriting projects, I’ve got some belters in the pipeline. Business is going well.

I also made some big business and life decisions this fortnight. I don’t want to discuss them here, but man, adulting is hard. Why can’t someone just tell me what to do? 😆

Thanks for reading 🖤