How I work

Every copywriting project is different, but I stick to a tried-and-tested process so you know exactly what I need from you to make this go smoothly.

This is roughly how it will go:

Step 1: Greetings
We start an unnecessarily formal email correspondence or break the ice with an awkward phone call

Step 2: Briefing
I send you my briefing questionnaire and you fill it out so we’re on the same page about your project (we can also work through it together on the phone)

Step 3: Proposal
I send you my proposal, which will detail the value of your investment, my quote, my Ts&Cs, and more

Step 4: Proposal acceptance
You make a fantastic decision and sign my proposal, and I invoice you for a first payment, which is usually 50%

Step 5: Research
After I receive my dollarydoos, I do heaps of research and implement a strategy to make your copy shine

Step 6: Copywriting
I send you a skeleton draft in what’s called a “copy deck” and you review the draft and get back to me with any changes; we repeat this for a first draft and second draft, and then I send you a proofread final draft

Step 7: Finishing up
I send you an end-of-project sign-off document, and we celebrate a job well done

Depending on the size and requirements of your project, I may tweak my process. All of this will be specified in my proposal. The cost also varies, but if you’re looking for some numbers to get a feel for my pricing, I’ve written 2-minute scripts and 400-word blog posts for between $350 and $450 in the past.

If you have any questions about my process or you’re ready to get stuck into it, please reach out telepathically or, I dunno, press the button.