More projects

Scriptwriting for LENS

I developed the script for Chad Gerber’s short film LENS. It won Best Inspirational Film at the 2021 LA Film Awards and Best Australian Short Film at the 2022 Australian Film Festival.

Web copy for Limovan

Through Aligned Agency, I revamped the copy for Limovan, a sick AF party bus service in Perth. This was a fun one.

Explainer video for Cognito

I wrote the script for Cognito’s explainer video about the interplay of belonging and engagement in any team environment.

Web copy for Health Coach Christian

I revamped Health Coach Christian’s website. This included copy for 6 web pages and 13 product descriptions.

Scriptwriting for Frontier Media

I wrote over 250 scripts for Frontier Media, helping them earn hundreds of thousands of subscribers across their two biggest YouTube channels: The Front (400k+) and Geetsly’s (500k+). I’m not going to share 250 scripts here, but if you’re looking for samples of my work, here are five scripts on World War II.

Product launch for Sari's Natural Medicine

I wrote the launch for Sari’s Fundamentals Challenge. This included a sequence of 11 emails, 11 social media posts, 1 sales page, and more.

Scriptwriting for the Shire of Murray

I helped Chad Gerber with the script for the Shire of Murray’s entry to the 2021 GWN7 Top Tourism Town Awards. The video, which is about tourism in Dwellingup, won the Gold Medal in the Small Tourism Town category.

Scriptwriting for AHV

Via Chad Gerber, I helped Australian Honey Ventures (AHV) with the script for their Invest Now video, and I’ve done a bit of other work here and there for them, too.

Blog posts for Keppel Dental

I helped copywriter Rose Crompton with some blog posts for Keppel Dental.

Blog posts for The Jerk'E'Club

I wrote 10 blog posts and some web copy for the beef jerky company The Jerk’E’Club. We played around with the word “jerk” a lot, as well as ocker Aussie language, and it was a tonne of fun.

A sample (from a Christmas blog post):

Esky of cold ones to your right. Another filled with jerky to your left. You stretch out on your pool chair when the sun is highest in the sky, cooking like a Christmas ham. You neck a coldie and munch down a half-k of refreshing Zest Jerk. The citrus and pepper do the tango in your mouth, and Icehouse’s Great Southern Land springs to life on your cement-caked DeWalt radio.

How’s that for a perfect summer’s day?


  • I edited 30 blog posts for Chad Gerber as he travelled to as many places around the world between April 2019 and December 2019.
  • I wrote a few articles for HealthJob in late 2020.
  • I wrote 12 blog articles for REIZE in 2017 and 2018. All but two of them were about video games.
  • On behalf of Asphaltech, I wrote the following successful applications:
    • Works Approval via the Department of Environmental Regulation (this included a comprehensive environmental management plan)
    • 26(D) license to construct or alter a well via the Department of Water
    • 5C license to take groundwater via the Department of Water
    • Development approval via the City of Wanneroo

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