Cameron Hay, Frontier Media

“a subtle touch of humour and wit”

After having worked with Nick for the past 2 years, I can confidently say you will not find a man more dedicated to the art of writing. Nick’s ability to dive into topics he doesn’t have extensive knowledge of and synthesise the research into an entertaining piece of content is second to none. The subtle touch of humour and wit found in his writing can also translate to the team environment. Whilst always time-conscious and ready to knuckle down when needed, Nick is a larrikin always ready to have a laugh and participate in workplace banter. With stellar writing skills and a very high level of interpersonal skills, Nick makes an amazing addition to any team or writing project. (See this testimonial on LinkedIn.)

“efficient and dedicated”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick for a number of years now on multiple projects. He is efficient, dedicated, and extremely creative. I cannot recommend Nick more for all writing works you may have! (See this testimonial on LinkedIn.)

Dain Murray, The Jerk’E’Club

“a pleasure to work with”

During 2019-2021 I was the Managing Director of a food business delivering online/via shopfront and one of the components of our business was a monthly newsletter. Very quickly, the addition of Nick’s writing became an asset to us and created a unique way in which we could share our journey through a creative newsletter. Nick was very easy to work with, we created all of our content through phone and online communication (thanks to COVID), nevertheless, the process was relatively easy and efficient. Whilst Nick used the information I provided and put it together in his own, quirky way, he was very open to ideas and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend Nick! (See this testimonial on LinkedIn.)

Steven Macdonald, REIZE

“ticked all the boxes for SEO”

Nick wrote several high-quality SEO blog posts on video games and travel for us. He always submitted his posts on time and ticking all the boxes for SEO. Nick is a genuine, loyal guy, and he was an asset to us at REIZE. It was a great time working with him! (See this testimonial on LinkedIn.)