Is dodgy web copy costing you business?

Get words that speak to your ideal customer and win their trust.

Okay, so a prospect
has come to your site.

They’ve found their way here from your social media or email. Or maybe they’ve come directly from Google.

They’re almost ready to buy. And they’re considering you.

Now is not the time to shatter their trust with shitty web copy.

Potential customers could be clicking away from your site and giving their money to your competitors because:

 Your copy looks like it was thrown together without a second thought, so they think that’s how you do business too.

 Your copy doesn’t speak to them directly, and doesn’t speak the “language” they understand and use.

 Your copy talks solely about what you do, not your ideal customers’ problems and how you make those problems go away.

 Your copy appears inauthentic and doesn’t line up with your brand values, personality, and voice, nor the rest of your marketing.

 Your passion just isn’t coming through.

Yeah, you can talk the talk if it’s face to face.

You know your stuff, you understand your customers’ problems, and you can win their trust with a firm handshake and an honest smile.

But when you sit down in front of a keyboard to put it in words, it all goes to shit, right?

Your value becomes lost in translation.

And it’s frustrating as hell.

So what can you do about it?

How can you fix your website so it builds, rather than destroys, trust?

How can you transform it from a liability into an asset?

That's where I come in.

I’m Nick Petrou, a copywriter from Perth, Western Australia.

I write web copy for small businesses so they can build trust, keep people on their websites, and get more business.

(To be honest, I’ll write anything. Just ask me.)

Where's the proof?

These are 3 of my favourite projects. You can find more here.

Through Aligned Agency, I wrote 23 web pages of for Peddle, a rickshaw tour company that does bar tours and scavenger hunts and other fun stuff.

I wrote 5 web pages for Perth IT Care, who specialise in hacked website repair and are generally good dudes.

Through Aligned Agency, I wrote 11 web pages for Medika, a health clinic that can hook you up with plant-based medicine.

And here are some reviews.

What happens?

 We have a chat to see how I can help you 
 We have a brainstorming session to delve deeper into your brand, customers, competitors, and more
 I send you a proposal and you make a great call and sign it
 I send you a skeleton draft with a Loom video explaining it
 You give me feedback on the skeleton draft
 I take your feedback and write a wicked first draft
 We tweak the copy until you’re absolutely stoked with it
 I review the copy in-situ on your website (in a Loom video)
 You approval the final draft and we pop the champagne

How much is it?

I usually do tailored quotes. But to give you an idea of how much my copywriting costs, we could get started with:

1 website page

$ 945
  • Home page (or another page)
  • SEO-friendly copy
  • 2 free rounds of revisions
  • In-situ proofreading
  • Unlimited discussion time

3 website pages

$ 1,545
  • Home, About, and 1 other page
  • SEO-friendly copy
  • 2 free rounds of revisions
  • In-situ proofreading
  • Unlimited discussion time

5 website pages

$ 2295
  • Home, About, and 3 other pages
  • SEO-friendly copy
  • 2 free rounds of revisions
  • In-situ proofreading
  • Unlimited discussion time

Full website packages are also available. These include web development, design, hosting, security, and more. Among others, I’ll work with Mintyy and Perth IT Care to make this happen. Just ask!

So what now?

It begins with a casual 30-minute video call where we talk about your business and what you need. It’s free and it’ll take place in Google Meet. If you’re keen to get the ball rolling:



What exactly does a copywriter do?

According to Judith K. Charles, “A copywriter is a salesperson behind a keyboard.” And according to me, a copywriter is someone who writes words for marketing and promotional media — words that persuade a reader to call or otherwise contact you, buy something, sign up for something, or take another action.

Do copywriters do SEO?

There’s much more to SEO than web copy optimised for Google. But yes, many website copywriters do keyword research and write SEO-friendly copy. Working with me, you’ll get highly readable copy, keyword research and implementation, and title tags and meta descriptions.

Do you only write website copy?

While I often write website copy and video scripts, I’ve also written blog posts, email sequences, proposals, technical documents, memoirs, and more — and I’m open to anything. Just tell me about your project; I’ll probably be keen.

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